ParkerData™ – The Parking Data API

Power your app with real-time parking data and help your users find the best parking, fast!

Stop guiding your users to a destination, only to force them to circle the block endlessly looking for parking. Instead, start guiding them straight to their destination’s nearest, cheapest parking. Users love apps that make their lives easier and everyone hates finding parking in crowded areas.  Your app will make a big difference in your users’ lives by taking the pain out of finding parking.

The Parker Data API is comprised of two complementary API’s: ParkerData Basic and ParkerData Availability. The ParkerData Basic API provides free access to Streetline’s entire inventory of off-street garage and parking lot data. ParkerData Basic allows developers the ability to integrate important garage data like location, hours of operation, payment types, and number of parking spots into their own app environment. The ParkerData Availability API harnesses the power of Streetline’s unique on-street sensor-enabled real-time data on the availability of open parking spots. Developers will be able to integrate the ParkerData Availability API into mobile, web and in-car navigation apps.


An easy-to-use free API providing policy data for over 20,000 off-street parking facilities including rates and policy information.


A simple but powerful API for developers, customers and partners to leverage Streetline’s patented sensor-enabled real-time on-street parking data to create compelling mobile, web and in-car apps.

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