ParkerData Availability API: Harness the Power of Real-Time Data on Open Parking Spots

Until now real time data on open parking spots from Streetline’s sensor networks was only available to motorists in Streetline’s award winning Parker mobile app.  Streetline is now opening up this valuable and unique source of real time data to developers so that they can build this information into web, mobile and in-car apps that can help guide customers to open parking spots on the street.

The ParkerData Availability API provides real-time parking availability by collection of spaces (e.g., street block face) or for all the spaces combined (e.g., Lot A) in an area populated with Streetline’s sensing system.

Space collections allow developers to organize facility availability by space type, such as EV, Accessible or Visitor Spaces and to present availability on special spaces distinct from general parking availability.

Additionally, the API can return the type of facility in which sensors are deployed e.g., garage or street.

The ParkerData Availability API is a RESTful service that is delivered in JSON or XML format and is access restricted via a unique Authorization Key.

ParkerData Availability API is currently in private beta and is already being used by a select group of our customers and partners.  We expect to make this available more broadly shortly. If you would like to get on the list to gain access to this API please register here.

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